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Jay Patel

Awesome experience, straight forward & simple, timely,

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Christiane J

I liked your service. You all did a good job.

And I'll be happy to send you my properties again this year!

Keep up the good work!

Christiane Jones

Helen L

Resolute Property Tax Solutions did a great job for us on our rental properties. They lowered the taxes on all of our properties! I highly recommend them.

Helen Leflar

Resolute Property Tax Solutions got the taxes reduced on our 6 rental properties as promised. We have been satisfied and would definitely recommend them.

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Cary Rosenzweig

They delivered as promised. We own seven properties in Dallas and Tarrant counties. Resolute was able to lower the tax assessments on six of the seven. I could do what they do, if I had the time. I don't. Theirs was a bill I paid happily.

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Hugh J

They did a great job for me. Worth every penny.

Betty Strong

I was a little bit surprised that I didn't get a larger resolution, however, it was certainly better than I have been able to receive. It was painless. Thanks

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Janelle D

Did their job timely and kept me advised. What more could you ask?

William M

I was glad to be able to talk to a Native American speaking person in the US about my protest. Important to me to personally discuss my protest w the person that will be handling the protest to be able to go over specific details on my property.

Dave Richardson

They did a great job for me.

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Dan M

EZ to deal with. Sit back let Resolute do the work and save you $$$. Can't beat that!

Larry Overton

I have 11 properties with.Resolute. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

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Fred W

It's been great having you guys represent my 3 properties and I've already sent you two clients

Diane Nuar


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Matt B

Resolute did a great job for a fair amount. Will continue to use them in the near future.

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Kevin Waguespack

No fuss, no muss. The only improvement suggestion I have is to perhaps send an update email to let the customer know how things are progressing.

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Zapp Brannigan

They did good work and saved me quite a bit of money.

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Robert Carter

Did a great job fighting my property tax increase. Pleased.

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Murali M

Very professional and helpful. extremely satisfied

Frank Engels

Resolute lowered my current tax bill beyond what I could have done myself through an informal protest. And I didn't have to spend my time doing it.

Loved their results!

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Colton C.

Great service, they contested my property values and saved us over $600!

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Brian Lee

Positive experience with the property tax. It did help save me on lower the property value and paid less taxes. Highly recomened.

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Melva Rivera

Very pleased with Resolutes business.

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Lawrence Silver

Resolute has saved me money on property taxes for my home and two rentals for the last two years. They do all the work and I get the savings.

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John Morris

I have used Resolute Property Tax Solution for 2 years now. Simple to use. They have kept my tax bill lower.

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Matthew H

I have always had great luck with these guys. It is nice to actually be able to talk directly to the same people every time instead of a call center.

Great job over the past years guys!

Marty Sapko

I was very satisfied with the results and it was a pleasure to work with them. I would recommend their services and I would work with them again.

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Curt Cotant

The professionals at Resolute are saving me thousands per year in tax reductions. I sincerely believe they negotiate reductions I would be unable to obtain myself, as this is their core business and they know how to attack the high taxes …

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Jeffrey Taylor

I've been pleased for the last 2 years with Resolute Property Tax Solutions and intend on utilizing their services every year for all my properties!

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Yongnan Liu

Good people. Good work.

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Mike S

I don't normally respond to mailed advertisements, but the offer was to simply to ignore. The process worked exactly as it was described, and now I am saving about $150 per month on my house payment. Nice job Property Tax Solutions!

Joydeep Shome

Save money and the service works!! Try it.

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Brea Olson

Amazing work, saved me tons of money!

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Alan A

No hassle and they have been very successful in keeping my tax rate low!!!

Lawrence O

Settled values have always been lower than I thought would be possible.

Todd Sulzinger

Fast, efficient, worthwhile service. They succeeded challenging the assessor where I had not been able to.

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Da Wi

Super easy, professional and effective

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Jeff W

Great tax savings! Worth the $.

Tamara W

Resolute Property Tax Services lowered the property tax bills for our home and rental properties about 30%.

Michael H

Resolute has been a trusted, valued partner of mine for years. I utilize their expertise on every property I own. I can tell you that they have saved me quite alot of potential tax liability, and I personally recomend their services to anyone who feels that their property tax obligations are based on values that are incorrect and need adjusting. To take on this burden individually would take countless hours (which i do not have) and quite possibly not ended with the positive results that Resolute delivers!

Karen W

Simple and easy!

Stan C

They do an outstanding job

Jesse D

Very simple process. Provide minimal information and they do the rest.

Korby K

Simplest and smartest tax move I've ever made.....

Travis L

Great advocate for saving taxes.

John H

Consistent good service. Taxes were taken care of year over year.


Victor C

You have done a great job over the years. Thanks

David H

I have used this company several times now and each time they have delivered and reduced my property tax. They can only gain if you gain, so it's a win win scenario and I would highly recommend them.

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